Flirting Quotes

I find you attractive. You aggressive moves toward me... indicate that you feel the same way. But still, ritual requires that we continue with a number of platonic activities... before we have sex. I'm proceeding with these activities, but in point of actual fact, all I really want to do is have intercourse with you as soon as possible.

Come live in my heart, and pay no rent.

It’s not my fault that I fell for you, you tripped me!

Flirting is the art of making a man feel pleased with himself.

If you're a gifted flirt, talking about the price of eggs will do as well as any other subject.

I think the eyes flirt most. There are so many ways to use them.

If I kind of like a guy, then I'm a fantastic flirt. But with a guy I truly like, I get painfully shy.

Some women flirt more what they say, and some with what they do.

If I could rearrange the alphabet , I'd put U and I together.

I would fly you to the moon and back if you’ll be . . . if you’ll be my baby.

All women are flirts, but some are restrained by shyness, and others by sense.

I'm the sweetest person you'll ever meet, just don't piss me off.

When you talk I forget all. Only idea is - how to kiss your lips.

If you're willing to chase me, I promise I'll run slow :) .

Flirtation : attention without intention.

Flirting is the art of keeping intimacy at a safe distance.

Oops! I lost my mobile number! Could I have yours?

Are you lost ma’am? Because heaven is a long way from here.

I have had a really bad day today and it always makes me feel better to see a pretty girl smile. So, would you please smile for me?

If your heart was a prison, I would like to be sentenced for life.

You’re so sweet there’s a wanted poster for you at the candy store.

Let make it short and simple, I love you.

I’m an organ donor, need anything?

You remind me of my next girlfriend.

My friend wants to know if you think I’m hot

Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again ?

Beauty is power and a smile is its sword.

It’s okay ….. you don't have to stop staring …….. that just means you’re interested.

Did the sun just come out or did you just smile at me?

If nothing lasts for ever, will you be my nothing?

A woman will flirt with anyone in the world as long as other people are looking on.

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet but nothing compared to you.

Single and looking… anyone wanna be found?

Can’t wait until tomorrow, because I bet that you get more and more beautiful everyday.

Can I borrow a quarter?
-What for?
I want to call my mother and tell her I just met the girl of my dreams.

What time do you have to be back in heaven?

Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.

Every night I go home crying because I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see you again.

Hi, I’m Mr. Right. Someone said you were looking for me?
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