Lawyer Quotes

The good lawyer is the great salesman.

He is not a lawyer who can’t take two sides.

A lawyer is a learned gentleman who rescues your estate from your enemies and keeps it himself.

Good lawyer is a bad neighbor.

A lawyer without books is like a workman without tools.

Make crime pay. Become a Lawyer.

If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.

No brilliance is required in law, just some common sense and relatively cleaner fingernails.

America is the paradise of lawyers.

A Lawyer can do anything to win a case, sometimes he will even tell the truth.

Hundred men with thier guns can steal as much as a lawyer with his briefcase can.

Laws should be like clothes. They should be made to fit the people they serve.

Divorce is one of the game that lawyers play.

Lawyers are always more ready to get a man into troubles than out of them.

Whoever tells the best story wins.

If the laws could speak for themselves, they would complain of the lawyers in the first place.

A countryman between two lawyers is just like a fish between two cats.

If there wasn’t a penalty for laughing in court, the jury would never be able to hear the evidence.

A good lawyer is a great liar.

It is always the best policy to tell the truth, unless, of course, you are an exceptionally good liar.

Sometimes even lawyers need lawyers.

Judge – A law student who marks his own examination papers.

Lawyers spend a great deal of their time shoveling smoke.

Only painters and lawyers can change white to black.
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